Key Term Dates for 2016-2017

Thursday 1st September: School Closed for Staff Training

Friday 2nd September: School Closed for Staff Training 

Monday 5th September: Start of Term 1

Thursday 20th October: End of Term 1

Friday 21st October: School Closed for pack-up to new temporary classrooms

Monday 31st October to Wednesday 2nd November: School Closed for move to new temporary classrooms and Staff Training

Thursday 3rd November: Start of Term 2

Friday 16th December: End of Term 2. Finish at 1.30pm for pupils.

Tuesday 3rd January: School Closed for Staff Training

Wednesday 4th January: Start of Term 3
Thursday 9th February: End of Term 3

Friday 10th February: School Closed for Staff Training 

Monday 20th February: Start of Term 4

Friday 7th April: End of Term 4

Monday 24th April: Start of Term 5

Friday 26th May: End of Term 5

Monday 5th June: Start of Term  6

Friday 21st July: End of Term 6

Holidays in term-time

Please note, these are strictly not permitted. Good school attendance is a local and national priority. Only in the most extreme circumstances will holidays be authorised. The school will request the Local Authority to issue a fixed penalty notice for poor attendance. Missing school days damages achievement. Please support us to support your child. For more information:

Apr 7

Term 4 ends